Lucy is an experienced trainer.


Unless you're lucky enough to have gotten consistent creative breaks and are on course to becoming the next Dame Judi then most actors have to find alternative work to pay the rent and put food on the table. When Lucy isn't engaged in writing, acting or filmmaking then she's either training medical and legal professionals using role-play. Or helping corporates to better understand how to effectively include cultural sensitivity and diversity in goof business best practice and why diversity and multiculturalsim is good for business

Planet Jockey is just one example of Lucy's corporate work click here to learn a bit more about Planet Jockey

"Lucy Sheen freelancer consultant on Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Issues Working with Lucy has been both productive and insightful. Lucy is a responsive, proactive and a flexible professional I think that it is no coincidence that Lucy’s expertise stems from her own personal experience being both female and of an ethnic minority. Lucy’s insight, understanding and knowledge of cultural sensitivity and diversity issues, was exactly what I was seeking for the development work on my project. Lucy responded well, delivering work to schedule and kept me informed through out the process. If you need someone to advise or consult on issues of culture sensitivity and diversity then I would thoroughly recommend her."

Karl Grady CEO RE:KAP

"Lucy was invited to the Tavistock Clinic to talk about her experience of interracial adoption. She gave a compelling, very personal presentation which the group described as moving, enlightening, generous and thought-provoking.  Lucy's experience helped us think about the issues and challenges raised by interracial adoption and about the needs of interracial

adoptees and their families.'

Dr Lois Thomas - Clinical Psychologist , Adolescent and Young Adult Department

&Thinking Space Organising Committee -Tavistock Clinic


"Lucy conveys in a moving and intelligent way, the multiple impacts of migration and adoption from one land, culture and language to another, on the psyche and one's sense

of identity . Much of what she conveys is disturbing-but migration, and adoption are disturbing.She makes an appeal for honesty, for not turning a blind eye, for confronting reality even if it is painful, and this is what makes her message so powerful and relevant"  

Dr Julian Stern - Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy Head, Complex Medical Conditions Unit

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