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Lucy Sheen

Actor, Writer, Filmmaker


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What Lucy does

Lucy is an actor, published poet, playwright, filmmaker, activist and advocate.
She is a founding member of  The British East Asian Artists Group and
Lucy is active in advocating for right of transracial adoptees. She is also an advocate for better working conditions and greater representation of British East/Southeast Asians on stage and screen.


If you want to find out more about Lucy's writing (plays, poetry, flash-fiction, short stories and non-fiction writing) then please click here.
Lucy writes under the nom de plume of Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen.

To down load Lucy's full acting CV click here
If you would like to send Lucy a message about her writing, or advocacy work then please click here

Hungry Ghosts by Tim Luscombe 2010
Benedict Wong -Zhi-hui.
Lucy Sheen Pin-de
Photographer Robert Day



Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, Advocate & Activist

Lucy's stage credits include, Canterbury Theatre, The Arts Theatre London,The Royal Exchange Manchester, Joint Stock Theatre Company, The Drill Hall, Library Theatre Manchester, Sheffield Crucible, Theatre Royal Bath, Brighton Theatre Royal, Westcliff Theatre, Glasgow Theatre Royal, Richmond Theatre, The New Diorama, The Orange Tree, Soho, The Park and The Bunker .

Televison credits include, Casualty , Call The Midwife, Zapped. Shadow and Bone

Film credits include Ping Pong, Aimee, Business as Usual, Secrets & Lies, The Mercury Factor, Our Kind of Love, The Good Neighbour
Lucy has also been on the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama's writing mentor list since 2017. She has also guest lectured at Reading University, Edge Hill and Brunel.Lucy's writing commissions include Nimble Fish Arts, The Royal Court Theatre, Komola Collective and ArtsEd.


In 2015 Lucy completed her debut documentary film Abandoned Adopted Here. A short narrative documentary that explores what was like growing up in '60s pre-multicultural UK as a transracial adoptee. And is there such a thing in 21st century Britain as "British-Chinese" and if so what does that mean?


In 2017 two of Lucy's plays were published one in Foreign Goods and the other in British East Asian Plays published by Oberon and Aurora Metro Books respectively.

You can find a complete list of all of Lucy's published works by visiting Amazon


Lucy has over twenty years of roleplay and corporate training experience. Alongside twelves years of culture sensitivity and diversity training for corporate organisations. As well as eight consecutive years working full time in research sector rising to senior project manager in charge of numerous high profile, high net worth accounts. Managing teams of researchers both centre bound and remote.

Though Lucy no longer operates in the corporate research world the skills sets that she acquired have been transferable to both her creative endeavours and her work as a freelance trainer and role player.


73a by Yat Yau The New Diorama 2011
Mother - Lucy Sheen. Son-Lap Kung Chan

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Who Lucy's worked with

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What People Have Said

Review of Ungrateful:A Paper Daughter:
Glimpses of perpetual marginalisation -  written by AC - posted on Amazon.

A moving, fairly disturbing, collection of poetry from Hong-Kong-born writer and actor Lucy Chau Lai-Tuen, Ungrateful — A Paper Daughter, takes you deep inside the experience of perpetual marginalisation. All the small everyday unthinking acts of callousness that grind you down are laid bare on paper. It begs the question: why do we do this to each other?

There's lot of pain in each of these short poems powered by a strong voice and a clarity of vision that blasts away extraneous matter to reveal the hard, white glittering diamond at the centre.

Each poem grants a glimpse of what it was like to be a Chinese adoptee in Britain in the 1960s onwards, taken on as a baby by a well-meaning but hopelessly out-of-their-depth white family. How must it have felt never having your inner workings seen or responded to with warmth, and an almost entire absence of the most basic human connection: love. A weaker character might have been driven debilitatingly mad but instead, Lucy uses it to fuel her art, to make us see and experience what this existence is like for the person at the heart of it. Together they roll up into a massive punch.

It's not an unrelenting wave of misery, more a series of vignettes, a shutter opening and closing, giving us snapshots of a unique life. In "China Is Not a Good Place to Be a Bird" she finds herself a murmuration of starlings when she longs to be free, "screeching across the air Like the Feral Cockatoos of Hong Kong".

Even in mid life Lucy is still finding out about tradition and habits that might have been second nature had she not been uprooted at birth. She asks, "Why Do Old Chinese People Hoard So Badly?" and sees fear of poverty or worse in:

" ... a jar of fermented baby mouse wine

Empty jars, a precious commodity

Washed out with care

Ready to receive Chinese herbs

For soup

Deer tails

Dried seahorse broth

Empty chocolate tins

Empty tubs ..."

all waiting to be filled with good things, a bit like the poet herself. Is she perpetually balanced on a fulcrum of unease, of displacement, in the moment before toppling into victory or chaos?

The writing is restrained, allowing us to feel the emotion. You don't need hyperbole when the events speak for themselves, the cumulative effect of a thousand cuts bleeding into a massive whole.

Do Chinese count? Lucy has counted and placed politics to the fore in "Chinese Numbers", a chilling page that takes us through cataclysmic events from the Dover 58, the Chinese migrant workers found dead in a lorry, to the estimated 400,000 Chinese killed by Japanese fascists in wartime experiments.

All those colonialist turn-of-the-20th-century yellow peril slanders are still with us, mutated, morphed into manifestations that are deemed acceptable, often hiding in plain sight. Lucy's poems provoke a deep engagement with the questions with which she's grappling. This marginalising dynamic is real and whipping away like a snake and too much of our energy is wasted trying to work around it. Every once in a while it snaps hold and injects its poison. If the author can wake us up to stare it in the eye and call it what it is, then she has done us all a favour.


"Lucy Sheen freelancer consultant on Cultural Sensitivity and Diversity Issues Working with Lucy has been both productive and insightful. Lucy is a responsive, proactive and a flexible professional I think that it is no coincidence that Lucy’s expertise stems from her own personal experience being both female and of an ethnic minority. Lucy’s insight, understanding and knowledge of cultural sensitivity and diversity issues, was exactly what I was seeking for the development work on my project. Lucy responded well, delivering work to schedule and kept me informed through out the process. If you need someone to advise or consult on issues of culture sensitivity and diversity then I would thoroughly recommend her."

Karl Grady CEO RE:KAP

Freelance Trainer

"Lucy conveys in a moving and intelligent way, the multiple impacts of migration and adoption from one land, culture and language to another, on the psyche and one's sense

of identity . Much of what she conveys is disturbing-but migration, and adoption are disturbing.She makes an appeal for honesty, for not turning a blind eye, for confronting reality even if it is painful, and this is what makes her message so powerful and relevant" 

Dr Julian Stern - Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy Head, Complex Medical Conditions Unit

"Lucy was invited to the Tavistock Clinic to talk about her experience of interracial adoption. She gave a compelling, very personal presentation which the group described as moving, enlightening, generous and thought-provoking.  Lucy's experience helped us think about the issues and challenges raised by interracial adoption and about the needs of interracial

adoptees and their families.'

Dr Lois Thomas - Clinical Psychologist , Adolescent and Young Adult Department & Thinking Space Organising Committee -Tavistock Clinic

Transracial Adoptee Advocate

A Pupil The Park 2018
"Lucy Sheen’s Ye is likewise impressive, conveying a profound sense of dark despair as well as wisdom," Aleks Sieris

Ping Pong Derek Malcolm 1986
It's about Elaine Choi (Sheen, excellent), a junior clerk in a law office, who is plucked from the typing pool to execute a Chinese will she can't even read. 


Abandoned, Adopted, Here
Lucy Sheen pushes the documentary genre to virtuosic heights...With its mix of visual clarity and elegantly structured storytelling, Abandoned Adopted Here imparts unparalleled psychological intensity to the documentary genre. What emerges in front of your camera is the value of multicultural society. Abandoned Adopted Here features an impressive cinematography. 


CineWomen Biennial Edition 2016

The Park


Conversations With My Unknown Mother 
"is a beautifully haunting piece. . .  There are some incredibly delicately written speeches about the experiences of these women, from different generations and different countries and how they have experienced motherhood. Mary wanting a little girl and being disappointed with what she ends up with; Fei Yen’s determination that her baby will not end up with a heap of other discarded flesh and bones. These images will stay in my head."


This is what one literay manager of a well known London based theatre company had to say of the piece.





Send Lucy a message. Talk to her about writing commissions, poetry, short stories, panel appearances or just want to ask her a question.Or maybe you just want to have a digital coffee. Lucy will coaches actors and mentors both actors and writers. Fill in the form and Lucy will replay as soon as she can,

IGeorge Misses The Train (short) 

Thomas Turgoose, Lucy Sheen  2015

Total Loss directed by Simon Hatton 2016

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